Introducing Robotics: Robotics and Society

трехнедельный курс про роботов здесь

  • The importance of robotics as a field
  • How ideas and attitudes towards robots have formed from fiction
  • Defining a real robot
  • How different types of robots are being applied today
  • Ethical, privacy and safety considerations of using robotics
  • Predicting the role of robots in future work
  • How robotics might be applied to help solve society’s big challenges: food production, ageing populations, transport and environmental change

4 комментария

  1. A robot is a programmable, goal-oriented machine that can sense, plan and act.


  2. uncanny valley/зловещая долина
    гипотеза, по которой робот или другой объект, выглядящий или действующий примерно как человек (но не точно так, как настоящий), вызывает неприязнь и отвращение у людей-наблюдателей.


  3. Dr Peter Asaro discusses robot philosophy, ethics, history and media on his website.


  4. Robots are real. They’re not all like the fictional robots that you’ve read about or watched on screen. There are millions of real robots out there doing useful things in our society. These robots are diverse in form and function. They might look like cars, tractors, airplanes or submarines, but they are all robots. This is because they follow the fundamental paradigm of sensing, planning and acting, so that they can achieve a goal.


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