Spectropia; or, Surprising Spectral Illusions, J. H. Brown — showing ghosts everywhere and of any colour.

книжка 1865 года. в первой половине объясняет оптическую/не вполне оптическую иллюзию afterimage, во второй половине — рисунки, на которые нужно внимательно смотреть, а потом быстро, не моргая переводить взгляд на чистый лист, светлую стену, потолок, чтобы посмотреть на остаточные изображения, и рисунки — прелесть.

книжка тоже славная. выбор темы с призраками объясняется так:

One thing we hope in some measure to further in the following pages, is the extinction of the superstitious belief that apparitions are actual spirits, by showing some of the many ways in which our senses may be deceived, and that, in fact, no so-called ghost has ever appeared, without its being referable either to mental or physiological deception, or, in those instances where several persons have seen a spectre at the same time, to natural objects, as in the case mentioned by Dr. Abercrombie, in his work on “The Intellectual Powers:” — “A whole ship’s company were thrown into the utmost consternation, by the apparition of a cook who had died a few days before. He was distinctly seen walking ahead of the ship, with a peculiar gait, by which he was distinguished when alive, from having one of his legs shorter than the other. On steering the ship toward the object, it was found to be a piece of floating wreck.”

а насчет иллюстраций есть приписка:

As an apology for the apparent disregard of taste and fine art in the plates, such figures are selected as best serve the purpose for which they are intended.

дают на обалденном сайте the public domaim review, и я советую там порыться или на рассылку подписаться, интереснейшие вещи попадаются, от эссе women were pirates, too, как раз из рассылки, до зодиакальных каллиграмм из лейденского арата.


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